About Us

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Phone: 772-463-0505
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Our Mission:

We are committed to providing high quality comprehensive health care and health related social services to clients in a home-based environment.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to be the community’s first choice for superior, select and sympathetic home health care.

Philosophy/Core Values:

Making a Difference:

For clients and their families by responding to their needs with respect, compassion, caring, and a sympathetic attitude.

By acknowledging the uniqueness of each client and honoring their dignity and worth regardless of age, race, color, ethnic nationality, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression or disability.

By Providing services with a client-centered approach.

By fostering a culture that supports the patient’s rights and privacy.



We strive to excel in performance and adhere to professional and regulatory standards.

We conduct business with high ethics, integrity, honesty and confidentiality.



Continuously seeking opportunities to enhance services to support the needs of the community at large, through collaboration with other agencies, and networking strategies.

Embracing change that will improve service delivery and agency operations.


Implement processes wich measure and continuously improve the guality of our services.

Be responsible for our actions and work together for improved outcomes.

Build relationships based on trust and to operate responsibly.